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Commentary: The Power of Team Spirit

Dr. John A Passante & Dr. Thomas Litzinger share their thoughts on the multiplying benefits of adopting a team spirit.

Guest Commentary: Time To Reset Our Mindset

“Many of us limit ourselves by our thoughts and who we think we are, rather than what we can become. A positive mindset is learning how to react to circumstances, regardless of whether they are good or bad,” writes Dr. John Passante in his latest guest commentary.

Guest Commentary: Are Meetings Killing You And Your Organization?

In many companies, employees spend more time in meetings than doing their jobs. Can you relate? When is the last time your employees left a meeting thinking “Wow! That was a successful and beneficial use of our time!”?

Guest Commentary: The Courage To Have Courage

Aristotle describes courage as the “first virtue,” as it makes all other virtues possible. In my professional opinion, courage is the most important business virtue. Leaders with courage lay the groundwork for positive action.

Guest Commentary: Lessons From The Godfather (So, Listen Up)

“The Godfather gave us all a lesson in knowing your competition, and how to lead from a position of strength,” writes Dr. John Passante.

Guest Commentary: The Duty Of Leadership

“A dutiful leader strives to create workplace actualization, to establish positive conditions for employees to pursue their potential. To engender a positive mindset, the duty of leadership is to set the stage for the company culture to be engaging, meaningful, caring and purposeful,” writes Passante.

Guest Commentary: Recognizing Recognition

In life, and in business, we all indeed want to know that what we do matters! We seek to be noticed and to know that our efforts count. True recognition is thoughtful and meaningful! It is a sincere investment in the employee. Recognizing high-performing employees is in the total control of the leader.