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Valvoline Releases Corporate Social Responsibility Report

The report highlights Valvoline’s fiscal year 2023 people, safety, environmental and innovation initiatives.

Cooper Standard Releases 2022 Corp. Responsibility Report

The report discusses the company’s key efforts in the area of ESG.

Gates Publishes 2021 Corporate Sustainability Report 

The report highlights the company’s progress toward goals, transparency and eco-innovation.

GM Asks Suppliers to Sign ESG Pledge

Suppliers representing 53% percent of GM’s tier 1 material annual purchase value have already signed the pledge.

SMP Releases 2021 CSR and Sustainability Report

The report outlines SMP’s environmental goals as well as actions to ensure diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace.

Dana Named to S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment

Dana placed in the 90th percentile for the Automotive Sector, in its first year participating in the assessment.

How DENSO Evolved To Support People, the Environment in 2021

DENSO says its team of innovators continue to provide creative and purposeful solutions to today’s most pressing problems.

Tenneco Meets 2021 Sustainability Goals Early

Looking ahead, Tenneco has introduced a new set of long-term sustainability goals, achievable by 2030 from a 2019 baseline.

Hankook Tire Publishes 12th-Annual 2020/21 ESG Report

The report features Hankook’s sustainability management efforts and achievements around eight major ESG focuses.

Hankook Tire Launches ESG Committee

The creation of the ESG committee aims to strengthen ESG management policies, strategies and activities.

Valvoline Releases 2020 CSR Report

The new report documents Valvoline’s efforts and progress in creating value beyond premium branded automotive products for its broad stakeholder base.

Dana Publishes Sustainability, Social Responsibility Report

The report, available on details the company’s commitment to empowering its people, innovating new products, and protecting the planet to deliver on Dana’s vision for a better world.