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Sensata Technologies To Debut New Battery Management Systems

The new i-BMS from Sensata will be featured at the upcoming Battery Show North America in Novi, Michigan.


Sensata Technologies announced it will debut new battery management systems in booth #2617 at the upcoming Battery Show North America, taking place Sept. 14-16 in Novi, Michigan. In addition, Sensata will highlight its sensing and control solutions that help make energy systems safer, cleaner, more efficient and connected at the show.

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Introducing the new i-BMS Battery Management System for Electrified Applications up to 60V 
The brain behind the battery for a diverse range of electric vehicles, the BMS is the intelligent component that monitors and manages lithium-ion battery packs. The new i-BMS Battery Management System from Lithium Balance, acquired by Sensata earlier in the year, is a cell chemistry agnostic, compact, integrated BMS developed for the cost-optimized mass-production of applications up to 60V, such as 2-, and 3-wheelers, automated guided vehicles (AGVs), and robotics.


The i-BMS is a long-term solution for customers who require the highest levels of safety, performance and measurement accuracy. The solution features key components that are ASIL C Safety rated and self-test capability for safety critical measurement circuits.

While measuring only 65 x 200 mm, the i-BMS is equipped with everything required to manage and maintain a battery system without the need for any external components. This includes a built-in pre-charge circuit, on-board current measurement, MOSFET power switches for battery disconnect, and a DC/DC power supply.

The i-BMS’ software design features parallel pack and hot swap capability, while advanced SoX algorithms ensure high precision. Using the BMS Creator configuration software, the i-BMS allows the battery designer to create a unique battery by defining application-specific BMS parameters and safety strategies, optimizing battery performance and life.


i-BMS main features:

  • Integrated system
  • Up to 15 voltage channels
  • 6 temperature channels
  • 25 – 60 V
  • 1 CAN channel
  • CREATOR config. software
  • Parallel pack & Hot Swap functionality
  • On-board pre-charge circuit, auto-calibrated shunt, battery disconnect, DC/DC power supply
  • Suitable for scooters, motorbikes, 3-wheelers, AGVs, robotics and low current material handling applications

Sensing and Control Solutions for Clean Energy and EVs

In addition to a range of BMS solutions at the show, Sensata will feature power contactors, switches and fuses from its GIGAVAC product brand, including the GigaFuse, an electromechanical fuse with both passive and passive/active combinations. Thanks to its unique electromechanical mechanism, the GigaFuse significantly increases system efficiency, eliminates thermal aging, and provides design flexibility for electrical protection.


In addition, Sensata’s inductive e-motor rotary position sensor for battery electric and hybrid-electric vehicle motors will be on display and provides a cost-effective design compared to resolvers. 



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