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PFC Introduces 2175.20 CarbonMetallic Brake Pads

Product designed to create longer-lasting friction for today’s last-mile delivery fleets.


Due to increased demand for a longer-lasting friction from today’s last-mile delivery fleets, PFC Brakes introduces the 2175.20 CarbonMetallic Brake Pad. Using the same manufacturing technology and quality measures as the company’s race-winning brake pads, these CarbonMetallic pads are engineered to outperform and outlast the competition. PFC’s 2175.20 CarbonMetallic pads are in stock and ready to ship. 


CarbonMetallic features and benefits include:

  • Vehicle Specific Friction Material – Exceptional stopping power on all vehicles
  • Long Life Friction – Saves money, lowest cost per mile in fleet tests
  • Under Layer – Isolates, dampens, and reduces noise
  • Ionic Fusion Bonding Technology – Prevents separation between the friction and backing plate
  • Premium Backing Plates – Reduces noise and provides smooth operation
  • Temperature Resistant Shims – Provides a barrier to noise and vibration
  • Patented Powder Coating – Reduces corrosion and extends pad life

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