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NRS Brakes Launches Galvanized Brake Pads Tor Tesla Model Y

As EVs continue to grow in popularity, NRS Brakes anticipated this trend and adapted its products to suit.


NRS Brakes recently expanded its line of premium brake pads for the fully electric Tesla Model Y. With galvanized brake pads designed exclusively for electric vehicles, NRS Brakes said it now offers the efficiency, versatility and reliability Tesla drivers have come to expect.

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As EVs continue to grow in popularity, NRS Brakes is among the select few manufacturers that anticipated this trend and adapted for regenerative braking, engineering its latest brake pads for the reduced moisture dissipation and increased corrosion risk typical of EV or hybrid brake pads. In addition, NRS brake pads are crafted with sustainability in mind: They never include copper or lead, creating an environmentally cleaner and greener brake pad ideal for the Tesla. With a longer lifespan than any competing aftermarket brake pad, NRS Brakes matches the high safety standards of the Tesla Model Y.

NRS Brakes is globally recognized for its premium fully galvanized brake pads that offer advanced noise-canceling piston cushions and shims with best-in-class friction. The Tesla Model Y brake pads undergo rigorous testing in one of the world’s most advanced brake testing labs to ensure quality, efficiency and performance for the midsize electric SUV.


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