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NGK, NTK Announce Carry-Forward Programs

Update impacts more than 13 million VIO for spark plugs and nearly 4 million PIO for oxygen sensors.


NGK and NTK have announced carry-forward coverage representing a significant impact on its spark plug and oxygen sensor sales opportunities. The update impacts over 13 million vehicles in operation (VIO) for Spark Plugs and nearly 4 million parts in operation (PIO) for Oxygen Sensors.


Spark Plugs

The carry-forward coverage has resulted in an additional 893 applications representing 13.1M vehicles as identified in both NGK and customer catalogs. Ninety-seven percent of this new coverage is in late-model applications from 2016 – 2021, the largest segment impacting 416 new domestic applications, which account for 7.3M vehicles. In addition, 4.2 million Asian and 1.5 million European VIO have been added.

The majority of the VIO gain for spark plugs was in the NGK Laser Iridium line, which now covers an additional 10.9 million vehicles.

“A majority of these increases represent a large volume of coverage for domestic applications,” said Mike Burchi, NGK Spark Plugs senior product manager. “People often have the misconception that NGK is primarily an import provider, which is clearly not the case. This is yet another instance which demonstrates NGK’s leadership, presence and reach.”


Oxygen Sensors

For oxygen sensors the carry forward coverage brings an extra 3.7 million PIO for model years 2015 – 2021. Vehicle origin coverage is 836,000 domestic, 2.7 million Asian and 214,000 European applications.



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