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NANKANG Launches MR Games For Tire Industry

The new MR (Mix Reality) games designed for mobile devices.


Developer: Nankang Tyre & King One Design

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Publisher: Nankang Rubber Tire

Platforms: iOS and Android

When traditional industries meet modern technology, the result is two of the best tire games in the market. Taiwan NANKANG Tire has collaborated with Indie Game developer King One Design to launch two tire games, ‘Tyre Maker’ and ‘Tyre Run’; the new MR (Mix Reality) games designed for mobile devices. Tyre Maker and Tyre Run are available free to download worldwide on Android and iOS. The best apps to relieve the boredom of being stuck at home due to COVID-19.

Tyre Maker

Using AR and VR technology, you are invited to explore the wonder of the tire manufacturing process. Offering fun, interaction and education, you only need a mobile phone or a tablet to experience the factory, the production line, and the whole brand story behind it! What you need is just one click and you get to experience the whole tire making process and operate it yourself. Furthermore, the interactive experience and immersive environment are highlighted with augmented reality, also helping to create a safer space during playing as if you were in the factory.

 In order to show the real workings inside of a tire production factory, the developer team spent several months of research and factory visits, to gather realistic information and create a comprehensive analysis. We have built the best 2D and 3D models to create this app. You will see the high quality and 2.5D graphic design really brings the factory to life. Moreover, the interactive production line, uses Augmented Reality to recreate a 3D model of the real machine, for the users to immerse themselves into a real production situation as if they truly operated the machine inside of the factory. It is the most fun and educational production experience in the market, all possible from the safety of your home.

Tyre Run

Get ready for the ultimate tire racing adventure. Tyre Run includes five challenges which show the features of different tire patterns: NS-25 / AS-2+ / AT-5 / AR-1 / SV-3. “Tyre Run” features in depth environment mapping and solid detail; the music and sound effects are tailor-made for each game.  “Tyre Run” is a fun and highly addictive game. So what are you waiting for? Filled with killer tricks, try to compete your friends or family for the best record while staying at home.    

• NS-25: Fast reactions and crazy speed! Weaving the tire between cars and buses. Simple and intuitive rolling driving controls. Come and play with your friends to reach the finish line in the shortest time possible.

• AS-2+: Exquisite scenes and relaxing music, lifelike water droplets hit the screen, ultra-realism makes you feel like you are really there!

• AT-5: Ride your all terrain tire race through rugged paths. The aim is to complete the level within the set time through the mixed terrain environments.


• AR-1: Experience the well-known Nurburgring GP-Strecke, an ultra-realistic track with dynamic race surroundings. Racing around the circuit with speed and agility, a true test of skill! Beat the clock to win.

• SV-3: Penguin rescue! With the relaxing beat, save as many penguins as you can traveling down the slope, the more you save the higher your score will be.



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