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Lear Releases Second Edition Of Safe Work Playbook

The second edition Safe Work Playbook offers insights from teams of subject matter experts across Lear.


Lear Corporation, a global automotive technology leader in seating and E-systems, recently released the second edition of its Safe Work Playbook which provides new content for integrating health and safety protocols into day-to-day operations to help protect employees and limit the spread of COVID-19. 

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The second edition Safe Work Playbook offers insights from teams of subject matter experts across Lear for employee outreach and education, employee training, facility audits, employee surveys and feedback, and potential application in non-manufacturing sites, such as engineering and administrative centers.

“We created the Safe Work Playbook to be practical and periodically updated with the latest information for prioritizing employee well-being and reopening our plants, when it is appropriate to do so,” said Ray Scott, Lear president and CEO. “While this is not a one-size-fits-all approach, we are sharing these potentially helpful recommendations with other companies as they develop their own plans for resuming operations. By continuing to support the global business community, we hope to further address the current health care crisis.”


The first edition Safe Work Playbook, which was published April 6, has been downloaded 18,000 times by companies from multiple industries, civic organizations and non-governmental groups. The second edition of the 80-plus page Safe Work Playbook, with 30 new pages of health and safety information that may be pertinent to other businesses, can be downloaded at’s Safe Work Playbook webpage. New content in the Playbook includes:

  • Employee Outreach and Education – includes tools for potential localized communications for employees, such as pre-written letters and emails outlining safety protocols and operational changes, building schedules for lunch breaks and cleaning times, and customizable infographics offering fast facts and safety reminders. 
  • Employee Training – offers a potential timeline and process map for disseminating information throughout companies, training for employees on procedures, guidelines and health information. 
  • Facility Audits – presents a framework for assessing the implementation of the Playbook. 
  • Survey and Feedback – suggestions for measuring employee sentiment, and obtaining employee suggestions for improvements through an anonymous hotline, email and regular digital surveys. 
  • Engineering and Administrative Centers – provides a framework for a phased reopening of office buildings.

“Our goal is to keep all employees as safe, prepared and informed as possible while supporting economic recovery in the communities where we live and work,” Scott said. 



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