Innova Releases Redesigned RepairSolutions2 App

Innova Releases Redesigned RepairSolutions2 App

No-tool option provides everyday drivers with valuable car care information.

 Innova Electronics Corporation, a leading supplier of test equipment and diagnostic reporting for the automotive aftermarket, today announced the release of the latest version of its RepairSolutions2 mobile app, which has been redesigned to appeal to a broader range of automotive users, from everyday drivers to skilled auto enthusiasts. The updated Innova RepairSolutions2 app can be downloaded for free from the Apple App and Google Play stores.  

No tool, no problem

Previously available only as a guided diagnostic companion app to pair with Innova OBD2 scan tools, the RepairSolutions2 app now also offers functionality for non-tool owners. Anyone who owns a car, light truck, SUV, minivan or hybrid can download the RepairSolutions2 app to access valuable vehicle care information. Over the past three decades, Innova has built one of the world’s largest vehicle health and diagnostic platforms with verified fixes, parts and guidance to troubleshoot vehicle problems, including check engine light issues.

“We incorporated the no-tool option because we appreciate that not everyone owns an OBD2 scanner. Still, millions of car and truck owners can benefit from the vehicle health information that Innova has amassed over nearly three decades,” said Irving Delgado, product manager, Innova Electronics, Corp. “Innova is committed to helping vehicle owners be informed before making repairs and access important information such as scheduled service maintenance to proactively help extend their vehicle life. This app is a great place to start your car maintenance and repair journey.”

If you don’t own an Innova OBD2 tool yet, you can skip the “pair tool” function and just enter the vehicle’s VIN and mileage. The app’s Vehicle Care section includes safety recalls, technical service bulletins, warranty status, scheduled maintenance, predicted repairs, 5-year cost to own analysis, DTC look ups with layman’s definitions, effect on vehicle, number of available verified DTC fixes, and in-app parts ordering from the user’s preferred automotive retailer that saves the user time searching for parts. 

Updated UX/UI for Innova OBD2 tool owners

Although the RepairSolutions2 app now includes a no-tool option, the app is still most valuable when paired with an Innova OBD2 scanner.

“With nearly 1 million downloads to date, the RepairSolutuions2 app is a go-to solution for users accustomed to pairing their OBD2 scanners with the app to troubleshoot car problems,” said Delgado. “In designing the UX, it was important to optimize the app for many different use cases. This included translating automotive diagnostic jargon into plain English so it wouldn’t be intimidating, while still layering in detailed information so a user could delve as deep as they’d like into a trouble code or other issue.”

The RepairSolutions2 app pairs with Innova’s OBD2 scanners for optimized tool use, offering maintenance and repair troubleshooting guidance, including vehicle-specific, technician-verified fixes sourced from Innova’s comprehensive automotive repair database. Its intuitive design lets Innova OBD2 tool and dongle owners see high-level vehicle data or access tool and vehicle-supported functions like all system scan, brake life, oil life, transmission fluid temperature, view and record live data, and erase codes.

Those familiar with the app will find the updated user experience conveys error code data in layperson’s terms with severity and the option to dig deeper to see freeze frame data, most likely fix, other possible fixes and look for replacement parts when warranted. Updates to the live data information (for paired dongle sand vehicles that support live data) include tap to see minimum, maximum and values of each parameter; and the ability to view and graph up to 8 parameters at a time.

The updated app also features icons with brighter neon red, yellow and green colors to indicate vehicle status; an easy option to quickly change which vehicle you’re viewing data for; and a more customizable dashboard.  This comes in handy for customers who own, care for, or repair multiple vehicles. 

Schedule Repairs

Thanks to a new partnership between Innova and RepairPal, car and truck owners can now use a feature within the RepairSolutions2 app to schedule an appointment with a RepairPal Certified shopWhether you’re a DIYer who finds the repair is beyond your ability, or an everyday driver who wants the convenience of having a trusted professional handle the repair, now you can schedule an appointment within the RepairPal network. Just click the “Schedule Repair” button within the RepairSolutions2 app. In just a few easy steps, customers can choose the right repair facility at a time that suits their needs. 

Current RepairSolutions2 app users who have selected automatic updates will be able to use the updated app immediately, while others will see the “new update available” prompt.

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