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HUBB Filters Launches HUBB Swap Filter Exchange Program

The new program allows for easy implementation of the HUBB reusable sustainable oil filter on a fleet because the company will now clean the filter.


HUBB Filters has announced a new service model, HUBB Swap Filter Exchange Program, that enables a fleet to realize all the benefits of the HUBB reusable sustainable oil filter without the upfront investment. The program was unveiled this week at the NAFA 2018 Institute & Expo (I&E) in Anaheim, California.

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HUBB CEO Scott Killips says HUBB Swap allows for even easier implementation of the HUBB oil filter, because HUBB cleans the filter for a fleet. “Fleets who adopt the program will find that their vehicles can get in and out of the shop faster and easier during preventive maintenance,” he explained.

Killips says technicians simply swap the soiled inner core of a HUBB filter for a clean inner core. The dirty inner core is sent to HUBB for cleaning, inspection and certification. HUBB then sends a clean inner core back to the fleet. Fleets who adopt the program are charged an affordable monthly fee based upon the number of vehicles on the program.


“We made it easy to put the HUBB Swap program in place, with no landfill waste contribution and fleets realize immediate savings,” said Killips.

HUBB Filters can help fleets make an affordable, social impact by utilizing the company’s sustainable oil filter that costs less than a conventional filter. HUBB-equipped fleets enjoy increased oil drain intervals and decreased labor costs, while fulfilling their sustainability mission, the company says.

The HUBB solution is backed by the industry’s first 100,000-mile or 5,000-hour guarantee. Fleet field results validated by independent oil analysis demonstrate that HUBB can save a typical fleet up to 50 percent on their oil change costs, making it a win for a fleet and a win for the earth, according to the company.


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