Frasle Mobility Commercializes Fremax Brake Discs

Frasle Mobility Commercializes Fremax Brake Discs

The new line brings discs and brake drums coated with patented nanotechnology paint to the global market.

Frasle Mobility has started the commercialization of its Maxcoating brake disc line under its brand Fremax. Officially launched in April at the Automec fair in Brazil, the new line brings to the global market discs and brake drums coated with paint that contains exclusive and patented nanotechnology. Manufactured at its industrial plant in Joinville (Brazil), the first units sold will arrive in the coming weeks for customers in North America, one of the key potential markets for this technology, the company said.

Fremax Maxcoating products receive a protective coating containing niobium pentoxide nanoparticles, which act to increase paint performance and corrosion resistance, the company said. Such characteristics, associated with a water-based formulation, allow the application of thinner layers increasing the life of the coating. Its anti-corrosion characteristic is ideal for brake discs and drums used in extreme weather conditions, like regions with a lot of snow where the application of salt on the roads to ensure trafficability accelerates the oxidation of car components, for example.

The company invested R$3 million (approximately US $600,000) for structuring an automated production process exclusively for this product line. The use of automation increases the versatility in the development of the components with greater precision in painting and quality assurance, the company said. It also features performance gains with ultra-fast drying and low energy consumption through a microwave curing during the manufacturing process.

“Fremax Maxcoating line adds even more value to the brand’s portfolio, already recognized for the high performance and resistance of its premium products,” said Hemerson de Souza, business director of Fremax and director of M&A and investor relations at Frasle Mobility. “This automated process, as we built it, is unique in the world. We noticed a relevant market acceptance for this solution which contributes to a more sustainable use of the brake disc, combining product durability and an innovative production process.”

The Fremax Maxcoating project with nano painting was developed in partnership with Hercílio Randon Institute (IHR) and WEG Tintas; with a solution provided by Nione, a Frasle Mobility company specialized in the development of nanotechnology for the improvement of the physicochemical properties of materials.

The Fremax brand products are recognized by international certifications, such as ISO 9001 and IATF 16949, which meets the requirements demanded by automakers around the world, the company said.

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