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Fisher Auto Parts Acquires LaCava & Sowersby

The acquisition involves 3 large-volume locations in Massachusetts, located near an existing Fisher distribution center.



Fisher Auto Parts will acquire LaCava & Sowersby Auto Parts by the end of June. The acquisition was announced by David Reid, executive vice president and chief operating officer of Fisher Auto Parts, and William Sowersby, Steven LaCava and Paul LaCava, principals of LaCava & Sowersby. 

The acquisition involves three large-volume locations in Fall River, Somerset and New Bedford, Massachusetts, located near an existing distribution center owned by Fisher Auto Parts in Providence, Rhode Island. 

LaCava & Sowersby Auto Parts is a third-generation family owned business and has been a trusted authority for 37 years. William Sowersby, John LaCava, Steven LaCava and Paul LaCava began operations in a single-floor building on Plymouth Avenue in Fall River, working 13-hour days, seven days a week to build their business. Anthony LaCava, father of John, Steven and Paul, joined the operation two years later, bringing with him more than 40 years of automotive experience. Because LaCava & Sowersby is family owned and operated, customers have always enjoyed a high level of personalized service, according to Fisher. As the sign out front proclaims, “Service is the Key.” 


Soon after opening the Fall River location, the building was expanded to add a second floor and an additional loading dock. In 1994, LaCava & Sowersby opened a location on Grand Army Highway in Somerset and in 2001, another location was opened on Kempton St. in New Bedford. Anthony LaCava retired in 2002, and after John LaCava’s sudden passing in 2019, the remaining three owners and their resilient employees continued to thrive even through the toughest of times.