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Dayco Featured On ‘Earth’ With John Holden National Show

For the Sept. 6 episode, Holden made a special trip to Italy to visit Dayco’s testing facility in Ivrea.


Dayco, a leading engine products and drive systems supplier for the automotive and aftermarket industries, was recently featured on the national show, “EARTH.” The show is hosted by Emmy award winner and former NBC correspondent John Holden. The episode featuring Dayco aired on Fox Business Network on Sept. 6. 

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“EARTH” takes its audience around the globe providing an in-depth look at innovative solutions, ideas and technologies designed to promote the health of our planet and its inhabitants.  

In 2020, Dayco celebrates 115 years of innovation and has a mission to provide solutions for customers in both the original equipment and aftermarket – for all machines moving forward around the globe – including trucks, cars, construction equipment, agricultural machinery, racing vehicles and more.  

For the Sept. 6 episode, Holden made a special trip to Italy to visit the Polytechnic University in Turin as well as Dayco’s testing facility in Ivrea, where a dedicated team of engineers are focused on research, design and manufacturing of sustainable engine products and drive system solutions geared toward preserving the planet. 

The show – which includes interviews with Dayco CEO Joel Wiegert as well as Mariam Nardone, innovation product director and Gianluca Cariccia, VP of Engineering/R&D – ultimately sheds light on the company’s role as the leading global system solutions provider for hybrid electric vehicles.  


“Dayco is focused on innovating sustainable engine products and drive system solutions that are helping to better protect the earth,” said Wiegert. “The vehicles of tomorrow must be more efficient and capable of reducing emissions so a major initiative at Dayco is on advanced research and testing for vehicles that can help substantially reduce our carbon footprint. We were honored to be a part of the show to share an inside look at some of our future developments.”