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CYTK, MACS Form Strategic Partnership

The two partners will provide machine learning and natural language processing technology to help mobile technicians.


CYTK Inc. has announced a strategic partnership with MACS: The Mobile Air Climate Systems Association (macsmobileairclimate.org).


The partnership between the two companies is a perfect pairing. Automotive Technicians are referring to CYTK.io as a comprehensive, frictionless mobile Repair Search application available on a smartphone (iOS or Android). CYTK provides full mechanical repair content, enabling Techs to access a comprehensive range of Automotive repair and parts information, through keyword search, touch, or voice (hands free) on their smartphone, allowing them to stay by the vehicle or on site at a customer’s home. CYTK provides state of the art machine learning and natural language processing technology to help Mobile Technicians on the road in ways never imagined.


MACS is the leader in providing best practice training and subject matter expertise about mobile air conditioning and climate control for individuals and service shops. MACS Technician Members are empowered to get the answers they need when and where they need them. MACS Members have access to the latest mobile A/C industry changes and technological advancements that companies like CYTK are innovating, helping mobile A/C Technicians provide their customers best in class service and experience.

“Automotive repair Technicians (including mobile repair Technicians) are experiencing an ever-changing landscape in vehicle technology combined with an outdated vehicle population. Automotive Technicians need the training and best practice standards of MACS combined with the innovation of CYTK.io to meet the demands of new vehicle specifications and training manuals. CYTK empowers new and experienced Automotive Technicians with advanced machine learning and natural language understanding technologies to provide easy access to (real time updated) Automotive repair information either in the bay or at the customer’s home,” said CYTK Founder and CEO, Bryan Levenson.


CYTK is tapping into a large and growing presence of mobile technology in the Automotive Repair Bay. IMR, Inc. reports that nearly every Automotive Repair Technician owns a mobile phone (99.6%) and nearly half owns a tablet or iPad (46.4%). Most Technicians (87.4%) use mobile phones for work in their bays and on the road at the customer’s home or office.

“The Mobile Air Climate Systems Association (MACS) is thrilled to partner with industry innovator CYTK to bring the next generation of automotive repair information to our members. As the repair industry continues to move to mobile data solutions, industry leader CYTK brings our members the data they need, where they need it. CYTK Founder and CEO, Bryan Levenson, and VP of Customer Success, David Ziegler, have been wonderful to work with and we are excited to bring this benefit to our MACS members,” said Peter Coll, MACS president and COO.