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Cooper Tire Introduces Discoverer Rugged Trek

This all-terrain tire combines aggressive off-road design with on-road manners, according to the tiremaker.


Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. has announced its new Discoverer Rugged Trek tire is now available for dealer orders. The Discoverer Rugged Trek is an all-season truck and SUV tire made for off-road adventuring while offering outstanding on-road performance for everyday use. Boasting a long-lasting warranty of up to 60,000 miles, the Discoverer Rugged Trek offers the best of both worlds for the off-road hobbyist and daily commuter.

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Building on this duality, Discoverer Rugged Trek offers drivers a choice between two unique upper sidewall designs, one on each side of the tire, allowing for a customized look. Both sides offer long, deep cleats for off-road traction, as well as bold, black raised lettering in every size – a first for any Cooper tire line on the market.

“We’re excited to bring the Discoverer Rugged Trek to our dealer network because we know how long consumers have been looking for a tire just like this,” said Michiel Kramer, Executive Director, Product Marketing for Cooper Tire. “It gives consumers the freedom to go anywhere, with excellent traction when they venture off the beaten path while still offering a smooth ride to work on Monday morning.”


When on the highway, Discoverer Rugged Trek utilizes Whisper Grooves™ that block the rush of air through the tire, helping to eliminate noise at high speeds. To improve overall stability and control, Discoverer Rugged Trek employs Cooper’s Stable Trac™ Technology: omni-directional, micro gauge siping that enhances traction on roads and rough surfaces. The tire also features a unique pattern that keep rocks and stones out of the tire and on the trail where they belong.

“It has all the hallmarks of an aggressive off-roading tire, with strong grip, deep treads and an aggressive upper sidewall design” said Kramer. “Drivers don’t typically associate that kind of tire with long-distance road trips and quiet highway drives, but Discoverer Rugged Trek is designed to take on both jobs with ease.”


Manufactured at Cooper’s Texarkana, Arkansas, and Findlay, Ohio, plants, the Discoverer Rugged Trek is now available for dealers to order through their local Cooper Tires sales representative.