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Automotive Youtuber Rich Rebuilds Promotes Car Coalition

The YouTuber urges his 1.3 million subscribers to learn more about both SMART and the REPAIR Acts.


From BodyShop Business


The Auto Body Parts Association (ABPA) announced that “Rich Rebuilds,” a prominent YouTube channel that focuses on automotive repair and general vehicle information, released a new video in support of the CAR Coalition, urging his 1.3 million subscribers to learn more about both the Save Money on Auto Repair Transportation (SMART) and the Right to Equitable and Professional Auto Industry Repair (REPAIR) Act.

The ABPA says the SMART Act will restore balance to the auto body part patent process and reduce the costs of post-collision auto repairs and insurance for consumers by ensuring vehicle owners have more choices when they need to repair their cars. The REPAIR Act, the ABPA says, will reduce barriers it claims car companies are creating that limit consumer choice and increase the cost to repair and maintain vehicles.


Rich Benoit is the cofounder of the Rich Rebuilds YouTube channel and a native of Massachusetts who is widely known for repairing his Tesla’s battery (rather than spending thousands at the dealer) and for collecting and repairing other vehicles.

The video, “Putting our Cummins Powered GMC Truck to Work on An Actual Farm,” can be found here and the mention of the CAR Coalition and Right to Repair is at the very beginning of the video.

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