Anti-Motor Vehicle Safety Inspection Bill Headed To WV House Floor

Anti-Vehicle Safety Inspection Bill Headed To WV House

ASA is urging WV repairers to contact legislators in opposition of the bill.

West Virginia Delegate Larry Kump (R-52) has introduced House Bill 4639, which would change the motor vehicle safety inspection from every year to every two years. HB 4639 is scheduled to be voted on today – Wednesday, Feb. 26 – by the West Virginia House of Delegates.

West Virginia is one of 15 states that still have a periodic motor vehicle inspection program designed to protect the motoring public.

ASA opposes the elimination of state vehicle safety inspections and believes such programs benefit the motoring public. Regular safety inspections by a qualified technician can identify and repair most safety issues arising from normal wear and tear on the vehicle.

“In order to stop a bill that will the harm vehicle safety and small business, we need West Virginia repairers and vehicle owners to go to this link to send a letter to their representatives in opposition to HB 4639,” ASA Washington, D.C. representative Bob Redding said. “The motoring public needs more assurance, not less, that the vehicles they meet on West Virginia’s highways are as safe as possible.”

The University of Texas at Austin and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation both have completed studies that support periodic motor vehicle safety inspections and conclude that these inspections do improve traffic safety. In addition, these studies support that state periodic motor vehicle safety inspections aid in the prevention of accidents, injuries and deaths when compared to states without vehicle safety inspection programs.

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