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Road to AAPEX Season 2, Ep. 10

Be sure to watch the conclusion of this year’s Road to AAPEX.

Road to AAPEX Season 2, Ep. 9

As Joe Keene toils away on the Blackwood, David Sickels investigates a different type of automotive connection: Telematics.

Road to AAPEX, Ep. 8: Paving the Way for Automotive Innovation

While Joe Keene drives across the country en route to AAPEX, David Sickels connects with today’s automotive innovators.

Road to AAPEX, Ep 7: Connecting to Future Automotive Tech

As Joe Keene connects with the Lincoln Highway’s history, David Sickels looks at the future of automotive technology.

Road to AAPEX, Ep 6: Mile Markers on the Road of Progress

It’s the unexpected moments that make a trip memorable.

Road to AAPEX, Ep 5: Automotive’s Past & Future

See how Babcox Media’s Joe Keene prepares the Lincoln Blackwood for the road (with assistance from Transtar).

Road to AAPEX S2E5
Road to AAPEX, Ep. 4: Shifting Vehicle Service Gears

How will the band of Lincoln Blackwood service techs tackle the shifting challenges the truck presents?

road to aapex s2 e4.1
Road to AAPEX, Ep. 3: A Hunt for Rare Parts

Babcox Media’s Joe Keene has tracked down elusive parts, but fixing up a Lincoln Blackwood is on another level.

Road to AAPEX S2 Ep 3 parts
Road to AAPEX, Ep. 2: Get to Know the Lincoln Highway

The Lincoln Highway, beginning in NYC and stretching to San Francisco, was the first designed with cars in mind.

Road to AAPEX S2E2
Road to AAPEX, Ep. 1: Which Road Do We Take?

The destination may be the same, but the route is full of twists and turns.

Road to AAPEX Ep 1