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New Diesel Options In Pickup Trucks Deliver More, Says Diesel Technology Forum

Research shows diesel options offer 33 percent more MPG, 30 percent more driving range.

Full-Size Diesel Pickup Truck Sales Are Up 23 Percent, Says Diesel Technology Forum

This is more than double the sales of all cars and trucks for the quarter (11 percent).

Diesel Technology Forum: U.S. Consumers Continue To Choose Diesel In The Most Popular Vehicle Segments

Automakers continue to add new diesel options, signaling confidence, according to the Diesel Technology Forum. Diesel holds 3 percent of the total U.S. automotive market, 13 percent of the truck segment and 5 percent of the van segment, a 44 percent increase over 2016.

Diesel Technology Forum Creates One-Stop Shop To Aid Diesel Car Drivers

As clean diesel vehicle availability increases in the U.S., the Diesel Technology Forum compiles “Find Diesel” program, with locator apps, QR codes and search services for diesel car drivers.

National Biodiesel Board Joins Diesel Technology Forum

The National Biodiesel Board (NBB) is a nonprofit trade association dedicated to coordinating the biodiesel industry and educating the public about the fuel. NBB membership is comprised of state, national and international feedstock and processor organizations; biodiesel producers and suppliers; fuel marketers and distributors; and technology providers.

New Engine Technology Forum Debuts

The Diesel Technology Forum has evolved into the Engine Technology Forum, Inc. to focus on new ICE and diesel opportunities.

Engine Tech Forum
57% of All Diesel Trucks on Roads Are Near-Zero Emissions

New near-zero emission diesel trucks on the road increased 10.2% from 2021 to 2022, according to the Diesel Trucking Forum.

Diesel Engine Manufacturing Powers State Economies And American Jobs

In 2018, more than 1 million heavy-duty diesel engines were manufactured in facilities across the United States – a growth of 13 percent over the previous year, or nearly 120,000 engines, according to new data from the Diesel Technology Forum.

Karma Automotive Curates E-Powertrain Technology Forum To Help Identify New Partnerships

Karma Automotive, a Southern California-based creator of luxury electric vehicles, used its second Academic Conference to showcase its emergence as a high-tech incubator and how its open-platform can be used by other OEMs and start-ups to speed product development and access to technology.

US Diesel Market Shows Resilience In 2016 As Passenger Vehicle Registrations Increase By More Than 280,000

Texas continued to be number one in the nation in total number of registered diesel vehicles, ahead of California, Florida, Washington and Pennsylvania.