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    Dorman Announces New A/C Line Repair Kit

    COLMAR, PA – Dorman’s OE Solutions has introduced a new A/C Line Repair Kit (#800-600), designed to save the time and expense associated with complete A/C Line Assembly replacement by giving service dealers the ability to repair only the damaged section of the A/C line.

    This new 64-piece repair kit allows A/C line repairs to be performed “on-the-vehicle,” as an alternative to removing the entire line. The 800-600 kit provides a solution to replacing costly OE lines, that are often time-consuming and difficult to install. The new kit also ensures that service dealers will have the part they need on hand, eliminating wasted bay time spent waiting on an A/C line delivery, according to Dorman.

    The Kit has 49 fittings and all corresponding O-rings, all completely replenishable. In addition, a compact “close quarters” tool has been specifically designed to make it easy to perform repairs on-the-car. Ratcheting Tubing Cutter design allows A/C line to be cut while still on the vehicle, eliminating the need to remove the entire line during repair.

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