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ZF Aftermarket Launches TRW Electric Blue

The new aftermarket brake pad line for EVs and hybrids wins the AAPEX 2021 New Product Showcase in the Hard Parts category.


As the future of the automotive industry evolves, ZF Aftermarket stays up-to-date with the increasing popularity of electric and hybrid vehicles. ZF Aftermarket has announce the TRW Electric Blue brake pad – the first full brake pad line of its kind.

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This innovation was recognized during the launch of the product this week at AAPEX, as TRW Electric Blue received the Best New Hard Part in the AAPEX New Product Showcase today.

The AAPEX New Product Showcase is the launchpad for products making their debut at the event. Entries were judged by pre-registered buyers. Entries with the most votes were named Best New Product in each category. 

TRW Electric Blue

With reduced noise and vibration, and reduced dust and emissions, Electric Blue is sustainable and commits to protecting the environment while meeting consumer needs. Electric and hybrid vehicles are here to stay. Over the coming years, ZF says to expect to see increasing numbers of them rolling into repair shops. Embrace the future and get ready to service them now, the company states.


“We see the world evolving as a collective toward environmental consciousness – which is why we adapt,” said Mark Cali, head of ZF Aftermarket, IAM, United States and Canada. “Our product quality, safety and expertise apply to this first-of-its-kind product line and will continue to exceed market expectations. The TRW Electric Blue Brake Pad is just part of another automotive revolution for our industry, and the recognition received as the Best New Hard Part at this year’s AAPEX supports that direction. I speak on behalf of the whole ZF Aftermarket team, and say thank you for this award.”

The increasing demand for electric vehicles in the market is what has driven the development of the Electric Blue brake pad – offering 79 SKUs, covering 37 vehicle applications, and growing. Electric Blue can be fitted on most electric/hybrid vehicles in the U.S. 


Electric Blue’s design exceeds OE specification of noise, volume and harshness, reaching an approval scoring of more than 9/10. The TRW Electric Blue brake pad is made to match OE and to provide like new braking. The Electric Blue pad formulations are designed to produce less NVH compared to standard material, generates less noise, and protects the environment by emitting less dust and harmful metals in the atmosphere. These features solve the NVH problem that several OEMs face. Offering copper-free formulations, Electric Blue Pads aim to reduce pollution, creating a greener environment for the future. Engines are getting quieter and need quiet brakes to match, which is why Electric Blue is supplied with the necessary hardware and shim technology which follows OE configuration; including decoupling, textured, smooth/multilayered, and double adhesive technologies​ to support the pads noise-dampening properties.


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