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ZF Aftermarket Launches Mobile Technical Training

This mobile technical training vehicle allows certified ZF trainers to travel cross-country and share educational programming covering new technologies and trends in the industry.


ZF Aftermarket has launched its mobile technical training for its customers, shop owners and technicians in the aftermarket. This vehicle allows certified ZF trainers to travel cross-country and share educational programming covering new technologies and trends in the industry. As a whole, ZF Aftermarket says it strives to provide the aftermarket with quality educational experiences, and with the addition of a mobile unit more technicians around the country can be reached.

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“The purpose of the mobile technical training unit is to provide local technicians across the country with on-site, hands-on technical training, as well as sharing the quality and name of ZF and its brands with those [who are] unfamiliar,” said Francisco Moreno, ZF technical trainer. “Across the automobile industry, ZF Aftermarket strives to provide training and educational programming to independent aftermarkets in an accessible way. With the mobile technical training center we hope to be more accessible.

“This new mobility offers an additional avenue to directly connect with technicians interested in preparing for the future, providing us with a more personal connection to those who work on the products daily,” he said.


Launched on Aug. 7 in coordination with Auto Tech Supply (ATS, or the Southeastern Automotive Warehouse), the mobile technical training center made its first stop in Atlanta. Organized with ATS, Moreno visited a number of shops in the Atlanta market, hosting lunch n’ learns and private after-hours, evening trainings.

Moving forward, local shops and garages will have access to specific technical educational training for their employees, through ZF distributors. On-board, the certified technical trainers will utilize various ZF products, educational materials and an entertainment system for training tutorials. This new form of training allows technicians to receive hands-on product training directly from the manufacturer.


With the addition of the new mobile technical training unit, ZF Aftermarket says its training department has grown significantly. Lead Technical Training Engineer Dirk Fuchs and Moreno supply the department with comprehensive up-to-date training on ZF products and processes as well as new technologies in the automobile industry.

Beginning in warranty management, Fuchs has been with ZF for more than nine years and is now responsible for all technician and customer training across the U.S. and Canada in the passenger car aftermarket.

With more than 11 years of experience working on ZF remanufacturing production lines for both passenger car and commercial vehicles, Moreno utilizes those skills in his field training. In his new position, Moreno supports technician training activities and also is responsible for driving the growth of training in the Spanish-speaking market in the U.S.


The new mobile training is an addition to the customer- and technician-centric offerings already in place. ZF Aftermarket has been active in the market with on-site customer evening and weekend trainings, partnered technician training and hosted webinars, along with yearly participation at educational conferences.

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