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ZF Aftermarket and ASE Present Master Auto Tech of the Year

For the past 24 years, Greg Weigart has worked at Kruse’s Auto Center.


ZF Aftermarket recognized Greg S. Weigart from Kruse’s Auto Center as the ZF/ASE Aftermarket Master Automobile Technician of the Year Award. This is the fourth ASE Technician Award ZF Aftermarket has sponsored at the ASE Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet on November 18, 2021. The award recognizes an experienced technician in the field who represents high-quality training, automotive skills, and the importance of continuous education.

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“We’re happy to congratulate Greg on receiving this award because it stands for more than being an excellent technician, said Tony Wallerich, national sales, and technical training manager. “This award is tied to the evolution of the automotive industry, and the people who have the grit to adapt. This award honors the outstanding maintenance and repairs award winners provide.”

Award-Winning Technical Skills

For more than 30 years, Weigart has worked in the automotive industry, and has spent the past 24 years at Kruse’s Auto Center. Leading up to his career as a now Master Automotive Technician, Greg began his education at Missouri Western State University. Along with being ASE certified, Greg is a 2019 Gates/ASE Master Automobile and L1 Technician of the Year.


Greg’s interest in cars began when he was 14 years old with the purchase of a 1968 Firebird that needed repair before it was ready for the road. After two years of working on it with his dad, Greg took a Mechanics class in high school to learn more about cars. Outside of work, he drag races and recently received an award for the Quickest Pontiac at Drag Week.

Celebrating an Accomplishment

“ZF Aftermarket encourages the continuation of education in the automotive industry in order to adapt to the new technologies and challenges we face. Our technical training department strives to form connections with technicians so we can create a community across the country,” said Wallerich.


ASE has been honoring technicians in the field for over 30 years. ZF Aftermarket says it is proud to join the many other companies honoring technicians and all they do for the automotive industry.

To qualify for the ZF/ASE Aftermarket Master Automobile Technician of the Year, the winner had to be ASE Master Auto certified and have taken one or more tests in the automobile test series in any administration in the preceding 12 months and must have the highest average passing score on the A2, A4, A5 & A6 tests taken in the last 5 years.

ZF Aftermarket’s objective is that all market participants understand Next Generation technologies as well as the challenges they bring along with them and can prepare for at an early stage. ZF Aftermarket says its brands Lemförder, Sachs, TRW, and WABCO stand for a combination of innovation and experience.