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Zebra, Discount Tire Unveil Mobile Tire Inspection

Mobile computer and tread depth reader accessory enables technicians to perform more accurate, efficient tire checks.


Zebra Technologies Corporation announced that Discount Tire, one of the world’s largest independent retailer of tires and wheels, has deployed the industry’s first tire tread depth reading mobile computing solution across its nearly 1,100 stores nationwide. 

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PartnerConnect Premier Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Anyline and Premier Solutions Partner Accucode co-developed the solution featuring Zebra’s Android-based TC75x mobile computer, a new laser-based tire tread depth reader accessory, and Anyline’s Tire DOT Scanner software enabling Discount Tire technicians to more efficiently and safely perform tire checks.

“We pride ourselves on delivering customers the highest quality tire service and products to help keep them safe on the road,” said Tom Williams, chief experience officer, Discount Tire. “Our new tire inspection solution is a game-changer for our people and will help further our assurance to our customers that we are taking care of their safety by providing the best possible service and most accurate tire readings.”


Discount Tire’s new tire inspection solution helps improve worker productivity and increase the efficiency of capturing tire tread depth and Department of Transportation (DOT) information, the company says. Previously, technicians manually measured as many as 12 different spots for tread depth and used a pen and paper to record each DOT code. With the new mobile handheld solution, Discount Tire technicians can complete an assessment typically in under five seconds per tire. 

Technicians simply swipe each tire to check for tread depth and scan the DOT code with the tool’s camera in real-time, enabling them to assist more customers, reduce wait times, and provide a more positive customer experience. Discount Tire offers all its customers the option of a touchless experience, where drivers can remain in their vehicles while their tire safety service is performed.

Using the TC75x’s large display, Discount Tire technicians also can visually show customers the status of their tire tread depth. A color-coded chart clearly indicates the safety levels of the tire tread depth to indicate when new tires are needed. This information and the guidance of Discount Tire’s experts can help customers confidently make the safest decisions for their vehicles. The mobile solution also integrates with Discount Tire’s technology system to help eliminate other paper-based processes, such as automating the creation of customer profiles.


“Discount Tire is raising the bar with its commitment to customer safety through the use of innovative mobile computing solutions,” said Joe White, senior vice president and general manager of Enterprise Mobile Computing, Zebra Technologies. “By using this new solution, Discount Tire is providing a performance edge to its technicians, enabling them to deliver better, faster service with visibility and actionable insights to their customers to help provide the safest driving experience.”

Using Anyline’s Tire DOT Scan software on the TC75x mobile computer, Discount Tire technicians can instantly capture the DOT tire identification number (TIN) on the sidewall of any tire to determine age and manufacture location. Discount Tire intends to leverage Anyline’s scan software to read other aspects of a vehicle, such as vehicle identification number (VIN), license plate and other tire-related information.

“Starting today, the most powerful tool in a Discount Tire technician’s toolbox is this smart device,” said Lukas Kinigadner, CEO and Co-Founder of Anyline. “With this industry-first solution, Discount Tire is setting a new gold-standard for tire inspections, empowering their workforce to make smarter, data-driven decisions that ensure the highest level of driver safety, and an unrivaled customer experience.”