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Wells Vehicle Electronics Honored By AutoZone Mexico

Wells Vehicle Electronics received AutoZone Mexico’s Extra Miler Award during the AutoZone Mexico Vendor Summit.


Wells Vehicle Electronics, a full-service, full-line supplier of vehicle electronics and engine management products, received AutoZone Mexico’s Extra Miler Award on Feb. 25, during the AutoZone Mexico Vendor Summit in Monterrey. Wells was recognized by AutoZone’s leadership team for its program that supports AutoZone’s mega-hub initiative, which places mid-popularity and slower moving products deeper within its distribution system and closer to vehicles in need of repair.

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“It’s an honor to work with loyal customers like AutoZone to create innovative solutions that meet customer needs in a competitive and challenging distribution environment,” said John Zochert, director of global product portfolio management with Wells Vehicle Electronics. “On behalf of all of the associates at Wells Vehicle Electronics, thank you for your partnership and this recognition.”