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Wedge Clamp Announces Two New Executive Appointments

Emilio Perez (at left) becomes U.S. technical sales manager for Wedge Clamp Systems Inc. Mark Greenberg (at right) is the new Wedge Clamp vice president.


Perez, left with Greenberg, right

Wedge Clamp has responded to a tripling of sales in the past four years by hiring a new U.S. technical sales manager. Certified collision repair technician Emilio Perez has been a fan and user of the Wedge Clamp system for almost 16 years, and a part-time agent and trainer for Wedge Clamp. Effective Feb. 1, he will become the company’s first full-time U.S. technical sales manager, with responsibility for selling the system to distributors and shops throughout the country and training them in its use. Jeff Francis will continue to serve as the company’s Technical Sales Manager for Canada.


“I’ve always enjoyed working with the Wedge Clamp System,” said Perez. “It’s easy, fast and convenient, and hangs on the wall when you’re done. A lot of techs are used to a dedicated bench. My job will be to show them the many Wedge Clamp advantages.”

Also new at Wedge Clamp is Vice President Mark Greenberg, who has moved from head office of the company’s corporate owner, the Craftsman Group of Companies, to replace the departing Rodica Matei.

“Wedge Clamp is the best-kept secret in the business,” said Greenberg, who joined the company on Jan. 1. “I want us to be a household name, and Emilio can help us get there.”


Along with manufacturing its innovative anchoring, pulling and measuring system, Wedge Clamp is a global distributor of the Stat-Gun anti-static air gun, the nitrogen-based Nitro Heat spray paint system, the Nitro Weld plastic welding system, and the Eclipse laser frame measuring system.



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