Trish Serratore, Senior Vice President of Communications, National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)

2021 Honoree

Trish Serratore

Senior Vice President of Communications
National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)

Trish Serratore never would have guessed that the internship position she landed fresh out of college would lead to 35 committed years and counting in the aftermarket. 

“I never expected to be working with ASE this long, but now I can’t imagine being anywhere else,” she said. An entry-level position as an editorial assistant at an automotive trade magazine equipped her with the foundation and connections essential to progress through the aftermarket with ASE. 

“I have experienced so many amazing things through the company and get to experience its progression. Contributing to the overall success and growth of the company is my proudest accomplishment,” she said. Serratore stressed the importance of women knowing their worth within the aftermarket industry. “We have the skills, we have the thoughts and we have the strategies necessary to help the industry thrive,” Serratore added. 

“We shouldn’t be adapting to the male-dominated industry – they should be adapting to us,” Serratore said. It’s important that the influential figures within the industry recognize the pre-existing flaws such as the gender pay gap and the lack of opportunity women receive for leadership positions within the industry. The increased recognition of women within the industry, according to Serratore, is an essential part of its progression. Not only will established professionals feel motivated to continue their hard work, but it also will attract young professionals ready to leave their mark on the automotive industry.