Tina Hubbard, President and CEO, HDA Truck Pride

2021 Honoree

Tina Hubbard

President and CEO
HDA Truck Pride

As the first female CEO of North America’s largest independent provider of parts and services to the commercial-vehicle aftermarket, Tina Hubbard has left her mark on the industry and continues to help her organization flourish post-pandemic. 

“Surviving COVID-19 is, by far, the biggest accomplishment I have experienced with my team,” Hubbard said. “We used the opportunity to reinvent ourselves and rebuild our team from the ground up.” 

The unprecedented and challenging times brought the team closer together and made them more confident in their capabilities. “This industry isn’t glamorous,” Hubbard said. “But there is so much opportunity and it’s an incredibly rewarding place to work.” In the aftermarket, the quantity of knowledge about cars and trucks does not determine how much someone can impact the industry. 

“You can’t expect special treatment here,” Hubbard said. “The successful ones are the ones not scared to ask questions and the ones who get into it for the right reasons.” Networking and making connections play a key role in the continued success of Hubbard. Identifying professionals with work ethic, drive and reliability has made all the difference.

“Find mentors who will throw you in the deep end but watch you like a hawk,” Hubbard said. “The ones who will challenge you and push you to be a better professional.”