Tara Topel, Owner, Topel’s Service Center Inc.

2021 Honoree

Tara Topel

Topel’s Service Center Inc.

Starting off her professional career with a background in communications, Tara Topel never anticipated being so involved within the automotive aftermarket. 

“I originally just started as a part-time worker for my father-in-law’s business, processing bank statements on a typewriter,” Topel said. 

One thing led to another, and now she holds the title of owner of Topel’s Service Center Inc. since 2003. Managing the company’s accounting, marketing and human resources for both the towing and auto services, Topel is grateful for the organic and unexpected transition from liberal arts to the automotive industry.

Watching team members achieve their goals has been one of her proudest accomplishments in her career thus far. “Team members come and go because they are working toward goals that may not necessarily be in the aftermarket. We love helping them achieve their goals because they help us achieve ours,” Topel said. 

“The advice I give women would be the advice I give to anyone,” Topel said. Success within the aftermarket, according to Topel, comes from persistent effort and the willingness to learn. “Support from The Alliance has made all the difference,” Topel added. “They have given me a seat at the table, a voice I can use to make decisions, and the resources essential for progression within the aftermarket industry.”