Tammy Tecklenburg, Principal, Tecklenburg Advisors

2021 Honoree

Tammy Tecklenburg

Tecklenburg Advisors

“Twenty-five years ago, I followed my gut and turned down an offer with Deloitte to join a private equity startup for the iconic Prestone Antifreeze brand. There was something really special about this team and I knew I needed to be a part of the magic,” says Tammy Tecklenburg, principal, Tecklenburg Advisers. 

Her gut instincts were right. During her more than two decades in the industry, Tecklenburg has been a part of teams that started up two companies and supported eight mergers and acquisitions. On a professional level, this is her proudest accomplishment, she says. On a more personal level, her volunteer work over the past decade with the Women in Auto Care Community is another point of pride. Tecklenburg served as president of Women in Auto Care from 2016 until February 2020 and was named the group’s Woman of the Year in 2015. “Collaborating with other volunteers to launch a mentor program and develop an organization that is dedicated to connecting, empowering and mentoring women has made such a positive impact on our industry,” she says. “Hearing the endless stories of how we continue to change lives brings me so much joy. I believe that when you focus on being a blessing, you are blessed in abundance.”  

Today, Tecklenburg beats the drum for women in the workforce, particularly in the automotive aftermarket, through organizations such as CADIA.