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2020 Honoree

Sue Deckard

Channel Manager Automotive Aftermarket
Continental Contitech

Like many of the women we’ve talked to for these interviews, Sue Deckard, channel manager, Automotive Aftermarket, Continental Contitech, says she found her way to the aftermarket by accident and she’s glad she did.

“My previous position within the company was in public relations. I supported our North America Automotive Aftermarket business. At the time I was completing my master’s degree, and once done, was approached by our aftermarket marketing manager about a marketing role within the business. I accepted 13 years ago and have not looked back,” she says.

Saying yes and being open to opportunity was key to Deckard’s success in the aftermarket and she suggests any woman who wants to succeed in this industry stay open as well. “Like any profession you want to be successful at, look for opportunities to be mentored and to mentor, and never quit learning,” she says. “Also, achieving success requires a team. Don’t work in a vacuum.”

Looking back, Deckard says her proudest accomplishment in her career, thus far, has been receiving highest honors from her employer in earning both the Contitech Division Excellence Award and the Continental Corporation BASICS Award based on the company’s four core values of “Trust, Passion to Win, Freedom to Act and For One Another.”