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2022 Honoree

Sue Chappell

Member Customer Service Specialist
The Pronto Network

Sue Chappell is the face and voice of The Pronto Network at its Grapevine, Texas headquarters. She started with the then National Pronto Association in 2016 and currently serves as Member Customer Support Specialist and receptionist. Her role includes handling the service center account approval process, marketing material fulfillment, and building relationships with The Pronto Network’s member salesforce and its partner service center owners.

Chappell began her career in the aftermarket in the mid-‘80s, in a purchasing role for an aftermarket company. “When our salesman quit, I was asked to take his position since I knew the product. At that time, there were no women in the aftermarket, so it was an uphill battle,” Chappell recalls. “The owner of our company saw my frustration and quickly hired another man for the position. The odd thing was, I could answer the customers’ questions over the phone, but they didn’t want to deal with a woman face to face.” Chappell says women will always have to work much harder than the men to excel in anything automotive related and offers this advice to women who want to excel in the automotive aftermarket. “I believe finding or having a mentor is priceless. Having someone you can ask questions and share thoughts and ideas with is extremely valuable.”

One of the most important skills needed to excel in a career in the aftermarket today is for a woman to stand up for herself, but not be overbearing, Chappell advises. “Demonstrate that you have the knowledge and the will to succeed. Research and study any and all aspects of the business, so you can provide valuable information in any situation.”