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2022 Honoree

Maccada Peoples

VP of Sales Operations & Customer Service
First Brands Group

How did you begin your career in the aftermarket?

I began my career in the aftermarket as a category analyst. This was a customer-facing analytics position that required me to develop an understanding of both customer and consumer needs through data. The automotive aftermarket is incredibly data-rich, and I enjoy transforming information into insights to help our customers drive consumer loyalty, growth and service.

What is your best advice to other women who want to excel in the automotive aftermarket? What is one thing the industry could do better or do differently to support women in the aftermarket?

My best advice to other women is to be yourself. You will bring different and unique insights to the table, and women’s perspectives need to be heard and appreciated. More than half of all motorists are women. Vehicle maintenance and safety are important to women. In the aftermarket, we need a workforce that is representative of our consumer base and understands the needs of the ultimate end-users of our products.

How do you build up your confidence to prepare for challenging professional situations?

In order to build up my confidence to prepare for challenging professional situations, I research the opportunities so I can be an asset to the team, and I enter the conversation with a desire work with my colleagues and our customers to identify and execute the optimal solutions to meet consumer needs. I love to bring the data to the meeting. I’m also a very goal-driven person. No matter the issue, if we all come to the table with the expectation that we’re going to collaborate to reach our goal, I’m game.

 What do you believe are some of the most important skillsets to excel in a career in the aftermarket today?

Today’s aftermarket is a mature industry, but it is also increasingly complex and requires adaptability to new trends and technology. Data-driven decision making, curiosity and an appreciation for tradition, but a willingness to innovate are required to excel in the aftermarket.