Kristin Grons, Marketing Manager, Brake Parts Inc

2021 Honoree

Kristin Grons

Marketing Manager
Brake Parts Inc

Like many in the automotive aftermarket, Kristin Grons sort of fell into a career in this industry and ended up loving it. At first, most industry newcomers take a leap because the industry sounds intriguing – they come for the business; they stay for the people. 

“I am continually impressed by the caliber of women who now hold a position in a business that was typically built and run by a father or a grandfather,” Grons said. “I found a job posting on LinkedIn and it sounded interesting. The industry has a similar distribution structure to the industry I was in at the time. Now that I have been here seven years, I can’t imagine being in any other industry,” she added. “The people in the aftermarket truly make it what it is with their focus, dedication, compassion and their ability to adjust to a changing environment. It continues to be an industry built on relationships, which is becoming rare in this time.”

Relationships and networking are valuable assets in the marketing field, and getting involved in industry organizations such as Women in Auto Care has been an important element to Grons’ success, she says.  “Women in Auto Care is a fantastic community that not only builds networking opportunities but gives the members a chance to share ideas and solutions while helping each other grow,” she said. Her best advice to someone else looking to excel in the aftermarket would be to be your best and own it: “Get up every day and be the best that you can be,” Grons says. “Get involved, speak your mind and own your seat at the table.”