Kerri Gulick, AAP, CMP Director, Marketing & Communications National Pronto Association

2021 Honoree

Kerri Gulick

CMP Director

Kerri Gulick has worn many hats during her 22-year career in the automotive aftermarket. She started working with Pronto in 1999 as an administrative assistant, handling everything from marketing programs to organizing Pronto meetings to helping in the accounting department. In her estimation, every little task is a meaningful contribution and offers an opportunity to learn, Gulick says.

“I’ve done so many different things and each one was a learning experience, whether it was having to unload a truck of promotional supplies or stamping badges, taking out the trash. Every job role you do is a learning experience. You’ve got to be willing to learn, do whatever it takes and just roll your sleeves up, get the job done. That’s always kind of been my philosophy.” Today, Gulick serves as director, Marketing & Communications for National Pronto Association, which merged with the Automotive Distribution Network last year. With 22 years and a number of responsibilities under her belt, Gulick knows her role and the industry inside and out. Having the credentials to back that up makes her even prouder, she says. “Going through Leadership 2.0 and getting my AAP [Automotive Aftermarket Professional designation], I’m very proud of that and I worked hard for it,” Gulick says.

Having a good mentor is important, Gulick adds. “I was fortunate enough to have Bill Maggs as my mentor for all these many years, and now Robert Roos has filled that role. I think it’s important that even as long as we’ve been in the industry, we always have a mentor and work harder to be a mentor to someone else.”