Kendra Jackson - aftermarketNews

2022 Honoree

Kendra Jackson

Director Of Human Resources
Alliance Parts Warehouse

How did you begin your career in the aftermarket? 

I started my career in the aftermarket industry seven years ago as the human resource manager at Alliance Parts Warehouse in Little Rock, Arkansas.

What is the proudest accomplishment of your career thus far? 

Obtaining my master’s degree in Human Resources Management is my proudest thus far. Adding this critical degree with my extensive experience has allowed me to excel in the industry and obtain desired positions.

 What is your best advice to other women who want to excel in the automotive aftermarket? 

Always be willing to learn and don’t take it personally. If something doesn’t go your way or your idea wasn’t the idea chosen, know that it doesn’t define your value and keep trying; don’t give up.

What do you believe are some of the most critical skillsets to excel in a career in the aftermarket today? 

Be willing to learn something new every day. The automotive aftermarket industry is innovative and constantly changing, and you have to keep an open mind to make those changes.

Are there any ways you have personally mentored women to further their careers in the automotive aftermarket? 

I always tell people I am mentoring that you should ask for what you want because a closed mouth doesn’t get fed; go after it if you see an opportunity. The sky is the limit.