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2021 Honoree

Kathleen Pacheco

Vice President and GM

Kathleen Pacheco, Vice President and GM, TennecoThe willingness to adapt has brought about undeniable success for Kathleen Pacheco, vice president and general manager for Tenneco.Within the span of three months, Pacheco and her family experienced several impactful milestones including the birth of a child, a state-to-state move and the start of a new job with the company she currently works with. Pacheco is committed to addressing the pre-existing assumptions about women within the aftermarket and continuously pursues her professional advancement by spending time getting to know the industry, its demands and its opportunities for improvement. “Get into the details and go just a little bit further to demonstrate your knowledge and credibility in the aftermarket,” Pacheco said. “Finding mentors and sponsors within the field who will challenge you and support your growth makes all the difference.”Paying close attention to detail and spending time in the marketplace has been influential in her professional development, but the transparent advice she regularly receives from her established and trusted mentors has helped boost her confidence and determination to improve the industry. “There is pre-existing doubt that women belong in the aftermarket,” said Pacheco. “Some people simply don’t think that women are as passionate about the industry or knowledgeable in the field.”As a woman in the business, Pacheco believes it is her responsibility to help end the stigma and address the inaccurate perception regarding the presence of women in the industry.