Julie Conlin, Sr. Communications & Content Specialist, Continental Tire

2021 Honoree

Julie Conlin

Sr. Communications & Content Specialist
Continental Tire

Julie Conlin grew up in a racing family and always wanted to make a career of it – just not behind the wheel. “My dad and my two sisters raced go-karts, so growing up I was always around cars. I went out for one practice session and thought, ‘I’m never doing that again,’” Conlin laughs. While she didn’t necessarily care for the thrill of the chase, Conlin said she always knew she wanted to work in racing. After studying marketing in college, she began working at a small PR agency that handled racecar drivers and teams. “That was pretty much all I ever wanted to do. I was very happy there,” she says. 

Through her role in racing PR, she got to know some of the folks at Continental. When a job opened up, they asked if she would be interested in interviewing. “At the time I remember thinking, why would I come interview there? I’m so happy where I am. I’m doing exactly what I love. But, eventually I decided I would be able to learn so much and grow my career by coming to Continental Tire. So, I ended up moving from Indianapolis to South Carolina and I started in November of 2017.”

Taking that leap of faith to change jobs is actually something Conlin is most proud of today. “I think the easy decision would have been to stay where I’m comfortable,” she says. “I’m just really proud I took a chance, knowing that it would be better for my career in the long run.” Her best advice to other women looking to make that leap? “Have confidence in yourself and take those chances,” Conlin says. “You never know when an opportunity is going to come and kind of just land in front of your feet. You have to be prepared to be able take advantage of those moments.”