Jill Trotta, Vice President & General Manager, RepairPal

2021 Honoree

Jill Trotta

Vice President & General Manager

Jill Trotta found her true passion shortly after beginning her higher education for recreational therapy. However, this was one calling she never anticipated answering. 

“In my early 20s, my car frequently broke down. It seemed like I was always in my uncle’s auto shop fixing one of the many things that didn’t work properly,” said Trotta. “But I never really minded it. I always enjoyed being in the shop. It was like working on one giant puzzle.”

With discontentment in recreational therapy, Trotta followed her instincts and gave automotive tech school a chance. Graduating second in her class, then later receiving the 2017 Women of Excellence Award through AutoSuccess magazine, it is clear her intuition steered her right. 

This success, however, did not come with ease. Trotta has dedicated much of her time and energy into understanding the market, identifying reliable mentors, recognizing market demands and advocating for the advancement of women within the aftermarket. 

Understanding and addressing the double standards societally placed within the profession is key to solving the gender issues at play.

“Men are taking their chances. They are applying for positions and roles they are not qualified for. Oftentimes they are applauded for doing so, but that means women can’t wait to take their chance anymore,” Trotta said. “The time to apply yourself is now, so don’t wait to take your turn.”