Jill Schafer, Marketing Communications Manager, Mitchell1

2021 Honoree

Jill Schafer

Marketing Communications Manager

The aftermarket, according to Jill Schafer, is collectively made up of a group of lifetime learners due to the constant progression and technological advancement that occurs every day.  “This constantly evolving industry keeps you on your toes because there is always more knowledge to acquire,” said Schafer. “No one knows everything. I know I am still learning about this market every day; I think we all are.”

Schafer believes in the importance of asking a lot of questions and going above and beyond to better understand how one’s role impacts the field. She credits the networking opportunities and connections made through Women in Auto Care for her ever-growing understanding of the automotive aftermarket. The sheer abundance of women’s success stories and passionate mentors have acted as means of encouragement for Schafer as she continues to build her success in the industry. 

Milestones, ideas and challenges of women in the aftermarket, as explained by Schafer, should be brought to light and openly discussed to encourage collaboration and equal involvement of everyone contributing to the field.  “Sharing their ideas, challenges and milestones can really encourage young professionals to stick with it,” Schafer said. “There are various forms of opportunities in the field, and educating prospective professionals on the wide range of options would support the inclusion of every aftermarket enthusiast.” 

Getting to be a part of Mitchell1 and contributing to its growth has been
the most rewarding aspect of her profession, and she looks forward to what’s to come.