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2020 Honoree

Jennifer Tio

Maximum Marketing Services Inc.

Jennifer Tio, president of Maximum Marketing Services, believes when it comes to job opportunities for women, the aftermarket is one of the world’s best-kept secrets.

Yet, the aftermarket needs to do a better job of tooting its own horn, she says. “The industry would benefit from shedding a brighter light on the size and scope of the aftermarket and career opportunities available to women, and men too. This type of outreach, combined with available scholarships, will help attract even more talent to the aftermarket,” Tio says.

Her own start in the industry happened by chance. “After finishing grad school, I decided to visit marketing agencies along Michigan Avenue in Chicago, resume in hand. I entered the door of a small agency where I met John ‘Max’ McGowan, the owner for which the agency was named. Max spent his career in the aftermarket and had recently started an agency to serve the industry he loved. He passed on his enthusiasm for the aftermarket to me and gave me the opportunity to learn the industry and get involved. For that, I am forever grateful to him.”

Tio now serves as president of the business she joined as a post-graduate. She also proudly serves as the executive director of the University of the Aftermarket Foundation.