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2021 Honoree

Jacki Lutz

Head of Global Communications Training and E-Commerce for Aftermarket Schrader TPMS Solutions

Upon returning from a year and a half abroad in London studying international business, Jacki Lutz was on the hunt for a new job, home and some extra cash. 

One of the first interviews she had was with Schrader TPMS Solutions, a company within the aftermarket, and she accepted the progressive position. “While the aftermarket and automotive industry was not something I particularly ruled out, it definitely is not where I expected to land.” 

Lutz worked her way up through the roles and is now the Head of Global Communications and E-Commerce for the aftermarket. Among her many responsibilities in this position was the task of building a global team from scratch with the intent to work together as a unit and achieve goals through international collaboration. “We’ve created such an amazing and inclusive culture within the aftermarket on a global scale,” Lutz said. “The criteria for building the team were not based off experience. The experience comes with time. I was looking for people who were ready to learn, adapt and help others. Then after that, we would just take things one at a time.”

As a woman in the aftermarket, Lutz believes the key to progression comes from speaking up and recognizing that women are qualified and essential to the success of the overall market. “It took me a long time to realize that I was qualified. I had a right to use my voice and insert my opinion; in fact, it’s what they pay me to do. Being an agreeable wallflower and only observing won’t get you far in such a field. You have to be ready to assert yourself as an experienced and knowledgeable professional.”

AASA Top Suppliers Spotlight

Schrader TPMS Solutions

Schrader TPMS Solutions
Headquarters: Troy, MichiganKey Executive: Russ Stebbins, General Manager, Global Aftermarket Business UnitKey Executive: Dan Baker , Senior Director of Sales, North American TPMS Aftermarket

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