Heather King - aftermarketNews

2020 Honoree

Heather King

Associate Manager, Marketing

Heather King is often the only woman in a room. But instead of feeling intimidated by the men in this industry, she recognizes her opportunity to be so well-informed that her business recommendations are seen as much more than suggestions.

“It can be intimidating for a lot of women to be in this incredibly male-dominant industry,” King admits. “As women we sometimes feel like we have to give 150% to prove that we’re equal with men. I tell my female colleagues they need to know their stuff and to be confident about it.”

King says her route to OEConnection (OEC) has helped her own confidence. “I came into the automotive aftermarket in 2016 – the automotive aftermarket is where I feel I have thrived.”

Her advice to women on her team is simple: “As women, we often underestimate ourselves and say, ‘I think’ or ‘maybe we should,’ which comes off as an answer without authority. Every time you type the words ‘I think we need to … ’ go back and delete the ‘I think’ portion. You are in your position for a reason – show it.”

King says, “It’s important to incorporate the influence women have on the industry and connect women’s names with industry-impacting accomplishments.”