Grace Hovis - aftermarketNews

2022 Honoree

Grace Hovis

Marketing & Training Director
Hovis Auto & Truck Supply Inc.

How did you begin your career in the aftermarket?

I began my career in the automotive aftermarket at a very young age. As soon as we were old enough to push a broom, my brother and I were given opportunities to work in the warehouse of my family’s business, Hovis Auto & Truck Supply Inc. – a 17 location warehouse distributor in Western Pennsylvania. Throughout high school my father placed me throughout various parts of the business, learning warehousing, inventory management, working the counter and shadowing salesmen.

I graduated from Grove City College in 2019 with a degree in Entrepreneurship and since then have I’ve begun my professional career for Hovis as the Marketing & Training Director. I’ve always seen the opportunity to work with family as a huge blessing. I consider the people I work with as family also, and truly look forward to each day I get to spend with them. From a young age, my father painted this picture to me of the industry as being a tight-knit community of career and people driven professionals. He always spoke of how highly he valued this community and I’ve always known I wanted to be a part of that. I could see this as we attended Federated Auto Parts Annual meetings. Since coming into the industry full-time in 2019, I am thankful to have had the opportunity to serve on the Auto Care Association’s Education Committee as well as sit on the YANG Council. From these first few years of increased industry involvement, I have seen this community that my father spoke of. The automotive aftermarket is such a unique place and I’m excited to continue my involvement, as well as help to build the future of it.

What is the proudest accomplishment of your career, thus far?

At this point in my career, I would say my proudest accomplishment is being able to participate in the industry alongside my father. I’ve always admired my father’s dedication and countless hours spent working to build the future for my family and our company. His dedication to representing our company, Federated Auto Parts and Vipar Heavy Duty at the industry level is something that I hope to be able to succeed him in someday.

What is your best advice to other women who want to excel in the automotive aftermarket? What is one thing the industry could do better or do differently to support women in the aftermarket?

There is just as much opportunity in the aftermarket for women as there is men. Be knowledgeable in the industry, work as hard as you can and invest in people. Our country was founded to be the land of opportunity and the aftermarket is a direct reflection of that. This industry is so unique in how tight knit of a community it is, and the value that it places on relationships, so be sure to take part in that.

If you came to the industry through a family-owned business, how much did that experience influence your career decisions?

Coming into the industry through my family’s business has influenced every career decision I’ve made thus far. I’ve watched our company grow from six locations to 17 throughout the course of my life and I take a lot of pride in knowing my roots and the hard work and sacrifice it’s taken for our company to become what it is today. My father’s dedication to our company and the lessons he’s taught me encompass the lines of thought that I strive to live and work by. A few of these are: when in charge take charge, always be humble and never, never, never give up. This knowledge and experience is something I don’t take lightly and try to remember as I look to expand my career and increase my industry involvement. With each decision that I make I am representing our 500 employees back home, my entire family, Federated Auto Parts, Vipar Heavy Duty and as a Christian first and foremost God. In everything I do, I try to remember our company’s beginning and who I’m representing.