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2020 Honoree

Georgianne Dickey

Senior Manager of Product and Marketing Communications
NTN Bearing Corporation of America

For Georgianne Dickey, senior manager of product and marketing communications for NTN Bearing Corp., there have been a number of gratifying moments on the job, but it’s her career as a whole in which she takes the most pride.

“Being able to grow within this industry, and being given the opportunity to prove myself, is what I’m most proud of,” she says. “I’ve worked really hard. Putting in the work, listening and learning and showing that you have something to offer, that gives me a really great sense of accomplishment.

“There are certain programs I’ve worked on that I feel that were outstanding, or won awards or brought more sales than any other ad. And while those are satisfying, I think overall I’m most proud of growing in the industry,” Dickey says.

Dickey credits a lot of that growth to the ability to network and make connections with other professionals. It’s the thing she suggests to any woman who wants to excel in their career.

“What really allowed me to blossom in my career was the first time I went to an industry event,” she says. “It was the Automotive Communication Council (ACC) and I met other marketing professionals in the automotive aftermarket. There was this whole big world outside my office that I didn’t really understand. I’m pretty proud to say I’m now president of the ACC.”