Gail McHugh - aftermarketNews

2022 Honoree

Gail McHugh

Director of Technology & Supply Chain
KYB Americas Corporation

What is the proudest accomplishment of your career, thus far?

I found that when I started in the automotive aftermarket it was a predominately male industry, especially in leadership roles. This presented challenges when it came to growth and advancement. However, I found I loved the company, my colleagues, and the outstanding relationships with our customers. My greatest accomplishment over the years was my ability to challenge the “status quo” and succeed as a woman in the aftermarket. The help and support from my peers and leaders along with my determination to be the best I could be, not just as a woman but as a business professional provided me the groundwork to achieve the level of success I enjoy today.

What is your best advice to other women who want to excel in the automotive aftermarket? What is one thing the industry could do better or do differently to support women in the aftermarket?

Having confidence in yourself is key. Believe in yourself, believe in your capabilities, trust your instincts. Developing and maintaining relationships with industry peers and current leadership will help guide you through the challenges and present new opportunities.

What do you believe are some of the most important skillsets to excel in a career in the aftermarket today?

Always be open to innovative ideas. Make sure to know the needs of your internal associates and especially the needs of your customers. Stay current with changing technology and use that to improve efficiencies and overall productivity.

Are there any ways that you have personally mentored women to further their careers in the automotive aftermarket?

One of the best feelings is to see someone who I have worked with succeed and reach their goals. I work to establish an open dialog regarding goals and performance. Helping others recognize their strengths and overcome their weaknesses gives them the confidence to attain success. Positive feedback is vital. Celebrate successes!