Dawn Blasch, Human Resources Director, MAHLE

2021 Honoree

Dawn Blasch

Human Resources Director

This industry, according to
Dawn Blasch, is the place to be if one is looking to experience endless growth and opportunities for improvement. With the mentality that she has a lot to teach, and yet a lot to learn, Blasch is extremely grateful for the moments of education and growth during her career 

“Networking is an essential part of anyone’s success in the aftermarket,” Blasch said. “Connections gained from networking make all the difference. These professionals act as resources and support systems within the industry.” Recognition programs such as this have helped her identify her aftermarket support system necessary for her professional development and continuous growth.

“Women’s accomplishments within the field are happening and they are happening frequently,” Blasch said. “It is important to share these successes because it encourages other to do the same.”  Highlighting and recognizing the impact of women in the field is key to identifying a wider range of mentors. Recognizing these accomplishments is important for the growth and improvement as they continue to shape the industry every day. 

“Those within the industry need to understand that people gravitate toward familiarity,” Blasch said. “Not too many women can act as representatives for leadership roles within the industry because there aren’t enough to begin with.” Recognizing and encouraging women’s success in the field will act as an encouragement for those just starting out and will aid in avoiding a non-progressive cycle that stems from the lack of diversified accomplishment recognition.