Carie Sommerfeld, Director of Finance, Wells Vehicle Electronics

2021 Honoree

Carie Sommerfeld

Director of Finance
Wells Vehicle Electronics

As the only woman on the executive management team and director of finance for Wells Vehicle Electronics, it is apparent that Carie Sommerfeld’s hard work and dedication to the aftermarket industry has paid off. 

“I never set out to be in the position I am in today,” Sommerfeld said. “I was just looking for a job that would challenge me and make me think. Over time, I just moved up through the ranks and wound up here.” This, however, was not something Sommerfeld feels she did on her own. She credits the many professionals who have helped her build her knowledge and understanding of the aftermarket. 

Building relationships and establishing connections with knowledgeable mentors and sources is a key part of success within the aftermarket industry. “If it weren’t for my mentors, I would not have been as successful in the aftermarket industry,” she says. Being a hands-on learner is not a necessity for contributing to the aftermarket. Sommerfeld believes that recognizing and addressing the misconception that all work takes place in a garage/shop could really encourage other women to pursue a profession within the industry. 

“You don’t need to know how to take a car apart and put it back together to be successful in this industry,” Sommerfeld said. “People can contribute to the field in more ways than just hands-on.”