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2020 Honoree

Beth Mooney

Senior Marketing Manager
Dana Aftermarket

Beth Mooney says it’s tough to define how long she’s been involved in the aftermarket.

“I say pretty much it depends on how we define the aftermarket. If we define it as light-vehicle aftermarket, it’s one timeline. If we define it as automotive, heavy-duty, commercial vehicle, different timeline,” Mooney says. “The thing is I’ve kind of been in all of them.”

Mooney now serves as senior marketing manager, Dana Aftermarket, where she’s been for two years. Having built her career in positions with leading industry businesses like Eaton, Tenneco and Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems has allowed Mooney to see the types of roles and opportunities available to women expand over the years.

“Compared to when I got started, women were in a very narrow group of fields in automotive,” says Mooney. “And now, I see women across the board in every aspect of our industry.”

Opportunities for women in the aftermarket have grown, however, Mooney says she would like to see more support at all stages of their careers.

“I’d like to recognize the significant gains we are making in the aftermarket due to the efforts of both mentors and sponsors pushing our continued advancement.But, I still see room for increased sponsorship – someone who is advocating on our behalf during calibration meetings, or during succession planning – especially as we gain career acumen, a sponsor is critical to increasing our circle of influence.”