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2020 Honoree

Anne Coffin

Director of Information Technology
Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance, Alliance Parts Warehouse

“You don’t have to be fearless. You can be afraid and do it anyway. Stand up and say, I’ve got something to offer here. I can try that,” says Anne Coffin, AAP, director of information technology, Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance. “Raise your hand, roll up your sleeves, keep an open mind and an open heart, and dive in. Be afraid and do it anyway. The industry certainly needs you to do that. If you want to build a stronger, more female-friendly industry, take action and show your skills.”

Raising her hand and saying “I can try that” is exactly how Coffin says she ended up where she is today.

“I ended up in technology by chance. In the early days of computerized business systems, the only programmer/analyst at my company quit without notice. They asked if anyone wanted to give this technical job a try, and I raised my hand and said I would. Little did I know that action would lead me to a career in the automotive aftermarket,” says Coffin.

“The aftermarket, in one form or another, has now been my life for over 30 years, because of the amazing people and businesses I connected with.”